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October 11, 2016 – MINUTES

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October 11, 2016


The Joint Board of Control for Jackson River Technical Center met in regular monthly session on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 with the following members present:


Bert Baker                                           Covington City

Cindy Bennett                                       Covington City

Gerald Franson                         Alleghany County

Craig Lane                                           Alleghany County

Jennifer Seckner                                   Alleghany County




Also present were Mr. Eugene Kotulka, Administrator; Ms. Melinda Snead-Johnson, Superintendent of Covington City Schools; Mr. Glenn Spangler, Director; and Ms. Christy Armentrout, Clerk.


Mrs. Seckner called the meeting to order at 12:06 p.m. and led in a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


Approval of Minutes:

On a motion by Mr. Lane, seconded by Mr. Baker, the minutes of the September 13, 2016 meeting were approved as submitted unanimously by aye vote.


Administrative Reports (17-16):

Enrollment Report. Mr. Spangler reviewed a copy of the enrollment report for JRTC as of September 30, 2016. He noted that as of that date there were 360 regular students and 1 postgraduate student enrolled. This number is up 40 students from last year at the same time.


SEDF Report. Mr. Spangler presented the board with a summary of the SEDF report for the 2015-16 school year. He highlighted the fact that JRTC offered 34 courses throughout the school year last year. On this report nontraditional student numbers are monitored. The percentage of female students in non-traditional courses was 21.3% and the percentage of male students enrolled in non-traditional courses was 3.9%. This report also breaks down student data by ethnicity for each program.


Old Business:


Welding Lab Update (17-17):

Mr. Huffman sent Mr. Spangler a detailed e-mail describing his efforts to secure a ventilation system for the new welding lab. Mr. Spangler has forwarded this e-mail to the board members as there are several web links to information Mr. Huffman has reviewed. Mr. Spangler noted that this is a learning process right now, and that Mr. Huffman is looking for a turn-key system that will meet the needs of the program.



Retreat Work Session Update (17-18):

Mr. Spangler discussed with the board that he is having difficulty finding a date that all board members can attend a work session. He asked if the board wanted to attempt to define how much time would be needed for the work session and possibly make it into a half-day session. Mr. Kotulka noted that Mr. Worner is very thorough and usually makes use of 6-8 hours at a work session. He mentioned that board members might want to consider a meeting that begins late afternoon and goes into late evening hours. He made the suggestion of 2-9 p.m. Board members agreed that this might work better depending upon the date. Mr. Spangler will poll board members for dates to schedule a work session with these hours in mind instead of an all-day meeting.


New Business:




Pay Bills (17-19): Bills in the amount of 13,605.47 were approved for payment on motion by Mr. Lane, seconded by Mr. Baker. The motion carried unanimously.


Bills and salaries in the amount of $74,826.77 were also paid in accordance with approved salary and benefit schedules.



The meeting adjourned 12:37 p.m. on motion by Mr. Lane, seconded by Mrs. Bennett.



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