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Jackson River Technical School - Welding Instructor Mr. Jamie Huffman

Welding Instructor Mr. Jamie Huffman

Instructor:  Mr. Jamie Huffman

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Welding I: This is a one-credit, one-semester course designed to introduce students to welding and occupations in the welding field. Areas of instruction include shop and equipment safety, workplace safety, pneumatic shear, oxygen-acetylene cutting, SMAW welding and theory. Detailed instruction on parts of the torch, bottle pressure settings, types of flames, and equipment care are included for oxygen-acetylene cutting. Instruction in the use of other shop equipment is included. Students may receive an OSHA 10 hour construction industry card with successful completion of Welding I.

Prerequisite: None | Grades: 10, 11, 12

Welding II: This is a two-credit, one-year course designed to advance SMAW welding and begin GMAW & FCAW & GTAW welding. Other areas of instruction are carbon arc torch, plasma arc cutting, blueprint reading, and all types of welding theory. Students will begin to explore colleges, apprenticeship programs and possible post-graduation paths.

Prerequisite: Welding I | Grades: 11, 12


Welding at JRTC – 2014 National Champions

Welding III: This is a two-credit, one-year course designed to allow students a more extensive training in SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, & GTAW processes. Students will also receive additional instruction in blueprint reading, metal fabrication, and design. All theory is reviewed and students will take the welding written assessment test for (NOCTI) National Occupational Competency Testing Institute. Through satisfactory completion of the welding program sequence, students that excel may have the opportunity to attempt a welding qualification test.

Prerequisite: Welding II | Grade: 12

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