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Carpentry Instructor Mr. Charles Fornwalt

Instructor:  Mr. Charles Fornwalt

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Carpentry I: This is a one-credit, one-semester course designed to introduce students to the principles of carpentry as they relate to construction. Classroom and lab instruction integrates safety, shop and field math needed by carpenters, tools, materials, fasteners, blueprints, and layout work. The student will be involved in hands-on experiences such as the building of a house, shop orders, cabinets, small buildings, and other such projects.

Prerequisite: None | Grades: 10, 11, 12

Carpentry II: This is a two-credit, one-year course designed to give students more emphasis on carpentry principles. Classroom and lab instruction integrate additional and more detailed instruction from the topics in a review of Carpentry I; safety; rough carpentry; concrete forms; wall, floor, roof, and stair framing; leveling instruments; and estimation principles and cost of materials. Students will be involved in construction of a house at JRTC, Cabinetmaking, and other carpentry related work.

Prerequisite: Carpentry I | Grades: 11, 12


Carpentry at JRTC

Carpentry III: This is a two-credit, one-year course designed to give students more advanced emphasis on carpentry. Students will receive classroom and lab instruction in safety, installation of windows and doors, drywall construction, ceiling finishing, interior trim work, blueprint reading and drawing, and the construction of a house at JRTC.

Prerequisite: Carpentry II | Grade: 12

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