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December 13, 2016 – MINUTES

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December 13, 2016


The Joint Board of Control for Jackson River Technical Center met in regular monthly session on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 with the following members present:


Bert Baker                                           Covington City

Cindy Bennett                                       Covington City

Eddy Clemons                                      Covington City

Gerald Franson                         Alleghany County

Craig Lane                                           Alleghany County

Jennifer Seckner                                   Alleghany County



Also present were Mr. Eugene Kotulka, Administrator; Ms. Melinda Snead-Johnson, Superintendent of Covington City Schools; Mr. Glenn Spangler, Director; and Ms. Christy Armentrout, Clerk.


Mrs. Seckner called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon and led in a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


Approval of Minutes:

On a motion by Mr. Lane, seconded by Mr. Baker, the minutes of the November 8, 2016 meeting were approved as submitted unanimously by aye vote.


Administrative Reports (17-22):


Director’s Report. Mr. Spangler noted that the end of the 3rd six weeks and the first semester is quickly approaching on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.


Mr. Spangler also mentioned that the subcommittee meetings for marketing, impediments to collaboration, increased board engagement, and increased collaboration are scheduled to meet within the next week.


Mr. Spangler, Mr. Kotulka, Ms. Snead-Johnson, Mr. Starcher (automotive instructor), and Mr. Persinger (Alleghany County Public Schools Board Member) traveled to Nicholas County Technical Center in West Virginia on December 5, 2015. Mr. Spangler noted that they found many similarities between what was done at that center in comparison with what is done at JRTC. He also noted that NCTC has a more business-like structure and that going into the future the board will look to see what can be taken away from that model and applied here. He did note that NCTC does not have more programs than JRTC does, but they do have project-based learning activities and similar class sizes in a half day program structure.


Old Business:




New Business:


New Tech Discussion:

Mr. Spangler informed the board that it had been mentioned to him in his last meeting with the school Superintendents that the schools are interested in utilizing space at JRTC to begin a New Tech program with funds available from the Alleghany Foundation that would cover startup fees, staff development, and a director’s fee. Mr. Spangler said that the space in which the Building Trades/Electrical program had been housed prior to this school year was open, due to that program being moved to the former Alternative Education Program classroom. He said that he was willing to allow the program to get a temporary start in this space, but that it should not be a permanent housing for the program because expansion for JRTC needs to remain an open possibility. Mr. Spangler opened the floor to discussion among board members as to what their thoughts are about the possibility of implementing the New Tech program utilizing JRTC classrooms.  He noted that if the space is adequate and the program can get its start here that he is for it, but that this building needs to be here for CTE classes, so this can only be a short-term solution. He is willing to move forward with the idea as long as this stipulation in this place.


Mr. Clemons noted that we need to look at what happens in the long-term, after the two years is up. He noted that it was not considered to be practical for it to be at JRTC during the initial study and it does not seem feasible that anything in regard to that recommendation has changed. He stated that he wants questions answered before he would feel comfortable moving forward with this idea until an exit strategy is in place.


Mrs. Bennett stated that she thought the focus needs to be on growing JRTC, not starting a new program. She agreed that ultimately the board would need to know what happens after the initial 2 year period, and that questions would need to be answered before action could be taken.


Mr. Lane commented that he thinks both boards need to figure out what they want to do before the Joint Board could take any action on this matter. He said that there is a good opportunity here with the New Tech program, but that all options need to be considered before action is taken.


Mr. Franson mentioned that he was not sure another building could be built in two years even if there was funding available for one, and that would need to be considered moving forward.


Mr. Kotulka stated that he would like for the board to seriously consider taking advantage of the opportunity while the seed money is being offered by the Foundation, as this is an opportunity that has not presented itself before.


Mr. Clemons also brought up the point that it would be difficult to predict enrollments, which could be a problem when considering funding and staffing of the program. He also wanted to know what the plan for splitting costs was and how that would be decided. He noted that this would be an important thing to establish before moving forward in order to avoid problems down the road.


Mrs. Bennett wanted to know where the teachers for the program would come from and how the work load would be divided. She also wanted to know in what ways the school systems plan to work together to staff the program.


Mr. Kotulka answered that work on details would not begin until there was an agreement to move forward with the plan in order to avoid unnecessary planning work.


Mrs. Snead-Johnson noted that the foundation is saying it will cover the cost of a director for the program, who could be an Assistant Director for JRTC. She also noted that the costs should be absorbed by the foundation during the initial 4 years of the program, and will then be passed on to the school boards at the end of that term.


Mrs. Bennett asked if the schools are locked into the program for 4 years if they agree to move forward with the program. Mr. Kotulka responded that the contract would be renewed on an annual basis and could be discontinued on an annual basis.


Executive Session (17-23):


Mrs. Seckner requested a motion to go into executive session, pursuant to VA code 2.2-3711.1 to discuss personnel matters including personnel. The motion carried by unanimous aye vote.


The motion was made by Mr. Lane  and second by Mr. Clemons that the Board enter executive session to discuss Personnel Matters as authorized by the Code of Virginia 2.2-3711A.1.


Mrs. Seckner requested a motion to close executive session and return to open session.


A motion was made by Mr. Lane and second by Mr. Baker that executive session be closed in order to convene in regular session. The motion carried by unanimous aye vote.


Certification of Executive Session.  After returning to open session, Mrs. Seckner requested a motion to certify that to the best of each member’s knowledge:

  1. Only public business matters lawfully exempted from opening meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and
  2. Only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were, discussed or considered by the Board.


The motion was made by Mr. Lane and second by Mr. Clemons that all business was conducted in accordance with the Code of Virginia.  We need a roll call vote by clerk.

  1. Baker (yes)
  2. Bennett (yes)
  3. Clemons (yes)
  4. Franson (yes)
  5. Lane (yes)
  6. Seckner (yes)
  7. Tucker absent.


Personnel (17-24):

Hire Clinical Instructor for Nurse Aide Program. Mr. Spangler made the recommendation that Ashley Boyd be hired as the part time clinical instructor for the nurse aide program. Mrs. Bennett made a motion. Mr. Clemons seconded the motion, and the motion was carried by unanimous aye vote.




Pay Bills (17-25):

Bills in the amount of $16,631.74 were approved for payment on motion by Mr. Lane, seconded by Mr. Baker. The motion carried unanimously.


Bills and salaries in the amount of $80,280.57 were also paid in accordance with approved salary and benefit schedules.



The meeting adjourned 1:00 p.m. on motion by Mrs. Bennett, seconded by Mr. Clemons.



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