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Jackson River Technical Center

2017-2018 School Calendar

  Teaching DaysWorkdays
July 4Holiday (Office Closed)
August 2-4, 7-8Pre-School Workdays5
August 9School Opens
September 4Labor Day Holiday (No School)
September 19End First Six Weeks29
October 9Teacher Workday1
November 1End Second Six Weeks30
November 22, 23, 24Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)
December 20End Third Six Weeks / Early Release32
December 21 - January 1Winter Break (No School)
January 2, 3Teacher Workdays2
January 4Students Return From Winter Break, Start 2nd Semester
January 15Holiday (No School)
January 16Open for CHS Students (No AHS Students)
February 15End Fourth Six Weeks30
February 19Open for CHS Students (No AHS Students)
March 29End Fifth Six Weeks / Early Release30
March 30, April 2, 3Spring Break (No School)
May 17Last Day of School (Early Release)32
May 18, 21Teacher Workdays2
May 28Holiday (Office Closed)


Make-Up Days:  February 19, May 18, May 21, May 22, May 23, May 24, May 25, May 29, May 30, May 31

The Director or his designee may encumber any or all of the unassigned days.

Teachers should be alert to media announcements during inclement weather.  Conditions permitting, teachers may be expected to report to work.

May 17, 2018 is indicated as the last school day.  However, Because of inclement weather, the last student day could be later in May.



Approved May 9, 2017

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